Monday, November 26, 2007

Now for the HARD part!

OK - we are back in Utah and back to the old grind... my greatest fear is that Dan will not get the help he needs because I have other demands wanting my attention. I try to slice the pie to go around, but the reality is "there is only so much pie..." and when it is gone, it is gone!

We did get Dan down to visit a rehab physician today and were able to get some prescriptions for therapy. He also took a baseline so that he can follow Dan's progress over the next several months. Dan will start therapy tomorrow at the "Now I Can" center - this therapy style employs a therasuit, which looks like a straight jacket with bungee cords. Let's see him get out of that one! ;-)

We also have him set up to go to a regular style physical therapy on M-W-F. I am still working on getting a speech therapist lined up, and hope to get that taken care of tomorrow. We should have him back on a good schedule by the end of the week! We have been working on the exercises that were sent home from the hospital, but we can go through all of them in an hour (speech, physical and OT) so it seems like we either need to repeat them more, or add other therapy. I know that if we work hard, Dan will improve, but it is up to us to do all that that we can do, and then put our trust in God to fill in the rest.

I admit that I have been a little discouraged because the progress seems so slow and because we haven't been as organized as we would have liked the last few days. I determined that is is all right to have these feelings as long as they don't deter us from our goal. We are the only ones that can choose our destiny, and that means we can choose to rise above discouragement and move forward. It is not what we feel that matters - but what we do that counts. But then the haunting reminder comes that we don't get paid in life for our passions - we only get paid on our results. We must DO those things that will bring us the RESULTS that we are so passionate about and we must FOCUS with laser sharpness until we achieve them! That is the task that now lays in front of us -- and thus the title for today's blog. The easy part was going to China and getting the stem cell treatment - now we have to do the hard part!

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Kallie said...

You can do it! We'll help you, so your pie doesn't get all gobbled'll need some of it too! Love you!!!