Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"See Dan Day" at Neuroworx

Thursday, March 27th was "See Dan Day" at Neuroworx! The entire Neuroworx team surprised Dan by all wearing their "See Dan... " shirts. He was really happy - they are such a great group and so supportive of the people that they work with. It is great to have such a great team to work with, and Dan really likes it there.

He also has been going to the SCI forums that they are a part of - these are held every Tuesday night at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City. He sent me a text last Tuesday and said - "I'm on the TRAX, and I'm going to the Gallivan Center". He did the same thing tonight... I just barely went an picked him up from the bus stop (at 10:43 pm) - so it makes for a long day. I have a conflict on Tuesdays and I can not get away to go with him to these events. It makes me nervous to have him out this late at night on his own, but he doesn't always listen to me.... so we say a prayer and hope that he will be protected. If anyone wants to spend a Tuesday night with Dan - let me know!

We have had a great week - we had a fun Easter - we had all the kids over for dinner and it was a good time. I would like you to see our favorite Easter egg -- this is Wilson.

Kallie and Angie had a good time coloring this egg... they went over to the corner of the kitchen and huddled - working on their piece of art. They went and got the movie "Castaway" to make sure that they did the face right - and then they went and found the hot glue gun so that they could put on his "hair".

I just don't have the heart to eat "Wilson" - that is the only problem!