Sunday, November 4, 2007

China Day 44: Happy Sabbath!

Today has been a great day... we were able to attend church this morning and then after church, our gracious home teacher's family invited us over to their home for dinner – apparently this is going to be a weekly habit as they had Dan and Heather over the last two weeks as well and have invited us for dinner next week too! Mac Coleman works for the Embassy and he was busy today preparing for the arrival of the Secretary of the Defense, but his lovely wife Janet was our hostess today.(Janet's maiden name is Maughan - we are related!) She had invited a few other couples to join us and we had a really nice time. She has a Chinese cook that prepares all of the food, and it was just like eating out! Several dishes to choose from – all very good – and the company was great as well...

We had one of those 'small world' experiences as there was one couple that is here in China on a service mission from the Seattle area. We met them in church when the woman approached me and asked if we were allowed to leave the hospital and have dinner... of course I said – Yes! We were interrupted in our conversation and never were able to finish it, but then they were one of the couples that came to dinner! Their names are Phil and Donna Coleman and they are from the Seattle area – they know Ken and Earlene very well! (my brother and his wife--) They were very complimentary of them and I got quite a few kudos from being the sister of Ken Balls! So thanks – bro – for setting such a good example up there in the Seattle area! Apparently you have a great reputation for 'getting things done' and I am just proud to be your sister! :-)

Also -- we tried to track down Cory Sellers - he is in the ward here, but we couldn't locate him today. I think his wife was there, but we couldn't find her after church... we will hook up with them next week. (Cory is an uncle to Nic Clark's wife Steff and we are looking forward to meeting him!)

They came and informed us tonight that Dan will have his second stem cell treatment tomorrow.. so this will be a great experience. Heather did such a good job of taking care of Dan during the last treatment... I hope to do as well tomorrow. (By the way, Heather, all the folks at church think you are just wonderful... quite an accomplished young woman! Just thought you would want to know that...)

So – until tomorrow's report – enjoy your Sabbath where ever you are! :-)

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Susan E. said...

What a small world, indeed! Thanks, dear LaNae, for the wonderfully detailed report of your Sabbath and for the encouraging, upbeat tone of your message. We continue to pray for you and Dan (and your entire family). See Moroni 8:3.
Love from Orem,
The Eliasons