Friday, November 16, 2007

China Days 55-56: Only 2 more China shopping days left!

OK – the really big news is that I only have 2 more shopping days left until we leave for home! I have really got to get crackin' if I am to get in all in before then... ;-) (just kidding!)

The real deal is that everything is just great here for us. We are starting to wind down the treatment and preparations are being made for our return to the USA. It is kind of a happy-sad situation as we are totally excited to be coming home, but sad to leave this beautiful country and all the wonderful people that we have met here.... from the hospital, to our church and our Nuskin friends, we feel like we have had a great experience here and would love to come back.

Here is a picture of a nurse that we missed in the group picture – her name is Shirley, and she is awesome! (just like all the rest!)

Today was the last doctor's visit with the 'Directors'. It is always good to have them come and evaluate and answer questions. We are thankful for the good care that we have received here in China – they have a great team here. We received our discharge papers today and all of the medications that Dan will need to continue to take over the next 3 months. We will also be receiving a list of therapies as recommended for speech, OT and PT.

Tonight we went out with Gary, Lorraine, Monnie, Glenn, Jeremy and little Blake for a great steak dinner – we had a really good time, and it WAS a really good steak!

Blake is our little sweetheart – he has Batten's disease – a hereditary condition that impacts children. He was growing normal and strong as a toddler and has digressed to a state where he is now blind and has a feeding tube. They brought him to China for treatment to try and extend his life until a cure can be found... what an amazing family! You can learn more about Blake at

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