Thursday, October 4, 2007

China Day 13: The Days are Starting to Blend Together

I feel a rut starting to form – it is starting to feel like same old, same old – and we are just beginning! I am reminded of the movie My Fair Lady – poor Professor Higgins! Night and day he slaves away! Oh, poor Professor Higgins! You see it was Eliza doing all the really hard work, but Professor Higgins seemed to take all the credit for it! Now I have no intent of taking any credit for Dan's hard work, but sometimes I feel like the professor, working with my 'subject' and trying to help him improve! Perhaps I should get some marbles to go in his mouth to help his speech enunciation-- what do you think?

Perhaps a couple of quotes to help motivate us all – to work a little harder and to keep trying even when it seems repetitive and dull. I suspect that the progress we will see will not be immediate – although that would be a dream come true – what we will see will be slow and painful to come. It will take a lot of work and a lot of 'not giving up' when it seems that there is no progress, just work. These are the times that we must reach inside and find a reason to keep going.

Some thoughts to ponder~

If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress. –David Rockerfeller

GOALS are dreams with deadlines. –Diana Hunt

The DIFFICULT is done at once; the IMPOSSIBLE takes a little longer. –Armed Forces Motto

What we are trying to achieve here is the impossible – perhaps it will take a little longer....

Take care, my friends – and thanks for your continued support.

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Anonymous said...

Dan & LaNae,
You are the two strongest people that I think many of us know. Hang in there, and know that we are all thinking about you all the time. We love you guys so much. By the way, Dan, after I read all of LaNae's entries last night, I decided that you might want to start proofing things before you let her post them. I noticed that she made sure that everyone knew that you were almost 50! But she made no mention of her age...LOL. No really, you both look great and are so loved. Keep up the good work.
Love you, Leslie