Thursday, October 25, 2007

China Days 33-38: Keep on, keepin' on... ... and LaNae is back in China!

I can't believe I haven't updated this in a few days! Sorry about that... I have been focused on getting everything wrapped up at work as well as the other aspects of my life – so that I would be ready to come back to China! I am here now safe and sound and Heather is still here. She left today ... and at the time of this post - she is 'in flight' United Airlines Flight 888.

Here is an update that I started to write, but then Dan's photo site was down and I couldn't get the video urls. (I wrote this on Thursday.... notice the blog post date!)

Hi all! We are excited to know that Dan had his first treatment this week! He said that he is feeling well, and Heather said that his therapists said he was faster and had better ROM (range of motion). I am thinking I need to get over there and check this situation out! I am leaving on Saturday morning early ( 7 am flight – have to be there at 5 am – who booked these flights anyway?! --oh yeah, that was me!--) I am excited to get back and can report on some progress and take some pictures to send your way. I do have a couple of videos to share if you have time to watch...

Stem Cell China Videos
(copy and paste url into new browser window to view)

Here are some other pictures of his recent therapy and some shots of Heather taking a little break.

Here Dan goes - off to his first stem cell treatment!

Dan is back from the stem cell treatment, and is tucked happily back in bed! He had to lie flat on his back for 6 hours!

Dan is trying to eat pizza while laying flat on his back!

Dan working on a new therapy exercies with Lily -- the hoops!

Dan praying for his recovery -- even during therapy!

That famous Dan smile that we all know and love...

Lily working Dan over... come on... come on...

Heather having a little fun going out to eat with some new-found friends.

An interesting pot outside the Buddhist Temple that Heather visited.


nic said...


It sounds like things are going great. We think of you often and remember you in our prayers. Good luck with the rest of your treatments.

I thought I would check if you have run into Cory Sellers in the ward there. Cory is my wife Steff's uncle who is there. If you see him at church, make him fix you some american dinners.


Nic, Steff and girls

LaNae B. Maughan said...

We will look for Cory on Sunday -- at first we were not able to see the blog from China, but now Dan has found away to get to it -- so we can see the posts and the comments now! I think that you mentioned this before, but we weren't able to see it then and so we didn't get it figured out! We will let you know if we meet him - that would be cool!

Thanks for all your prayers and support in Dan's behalf.

Dan & LaNae