Wednesday, October 31, 2007

China Day 40: Happy Halloween!

I am very sad to be here in China on Halloween! I can't see my cute grandkids in their costumes! Riley was going to be Pocahontas – she had an authentic costume straight from Disney World! I am sure Riley and Gentry both will look adorable... I hope Nate and Heather send me a picture!

We have already had our Halloween festivities! Renee and Diana got some pumpkins and carved them – and we got together and had some snacks and lit them up – they were cute. I have included some snaps from our party... the hospital staff is so good to help everyone get to know everyone else. It really helps when you are so far away from home...

Dan was active in therapy today – not much new going on. I ran to Wal-mart this afternoon and picked up a cushion for my bed.... I couldn't take it anymore (the hard bed)... so I am excited to try it out tonight. The kids will be mad I didn't get it BEFORE they were here. Dan says he is tough and doesn't need extra padding on his bed... the cushion is basically an egg-carton foam pad with a silk cover on it. One of the other families here clued me in on them, and so off to Wally's I went. (by myself) The alley has been under construction, and so Dan can't really go out until it is finished and the taxi's are once again able to come up to the hospital. It is a major pain to try and get them to come through the back way as there are several guards that they have to pass by, and someone who knows the route has to go out to the street, get a taxi and then guide it through the maze. They also have to have a special card so that they can get through all the checkpoints. So – that is why I went by myself today... it is easier to walk out to the street and get a taxi yourself than to go through all that trouble!

Dan's next stem cell treatment is scheduled for early next week – most likely on Tuesday. We are looking forward to it!

Best Wishes to Jason Harrison who will be leaving on his LDS Mission today! I hear Grandma was his companion for the first couple of days -- you can't get better than that, Jason! Good Luck to you and we will be praying for you!

Happy Halloween from the Chinese pumpkins!

Dr. Guan giving the pumpkin some acupuncture?! Elsa is trying to scare you with Seline in the background.

Dan and Dr. Guan - toasting on a Sprite!

Wendy, Diana, Renee and Kotan with the pumpkins!

Heather in front of the main palace at Tiananmen Square...

Heather at Tiananmen Square...

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