Sunday, October 14, 2007

China Days 21-23: October 12-14th, 2007

Hello all – I have a lot to catch up on! Nathan and Heather's fun outings to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, the second 'changing of the guard' from Nate and Heather to Jeff and Kallie, and the adventures at home.

Nate made a few videos of Dan's therapy and we have posted them on

    Dan has our entire life published out there, so to see the therapy videos, just scroll to the bottom of the list. Now you can meet our great therapists!

Friday Nate and Heather were able to go up and see the Great Wall of China – you can't go all that way and not go there! Dan and I hope to make it up there on a Saturday before we come home in November, but from looking at the pictures, it doesn't look too wheelchair accessible. However, it does look like there is a visitors center at the base that would be interesting to go through. We may just have to see if from the base, or perhaps we can talk someone into going with us so that we can split up on hiking up the wall for a bit. I don't feel comfortable with leaving Dan at the base while I go wandering off... in the USA we both have cell phones and we keep in touch pretty well, but I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving him without someone else there with him. Perhaps our home teacher will go with us – the branch in China has assigned Dan a 'home teacher' which is someone to visit us and watch over us from our religious congregation. Anyway – he called (Mac Coleman) and he was going to go to the hospital and check on Dan today during the time between when Nathan left and Jeff arrived (no – we didn't plan these flights too well for timing purposes -good news is this is the last time I have to worry about this as the rest of the caregiver hand-offs have an overlap.) It is sure nice to know that wherever we go in the world, that we can find a congregation of our faith (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and just plug into it! It makes being so far away from home and family a little more bearable.

On Saturday, it was raining in Beijing and so they didn't do too much – except they did go out and have a steak at some restaurant – I think they enjoyed that!

Today – Sunday was the hand off day. It has been a long day for many people (including myself). I - being the ever worrying mother – had to stay up until Nate had taken off (about 10 pm Utah time) and Jeff had landed (about12:30 am) and then when they made it to the hospital and were united with Dan (2:00 am). I also had been tag teaming with Grandma Jensen on the babysitting. We had a good time – I took the children for a soak in the hot tub, then we watched a movie, then Riley helped me clean the house (vacuum) and then we read stories and put everyone to bed. It was a good day.

Nathan landed in San Francisco about 9:00 am (Utah time) – their flight was delayed getting back to Utah, but they made it here safe and sound and we are glad for their return. We are excited to have them back!

Here are some pictures of Nate and Heather and their adventures. Dan said they all had a really good week together and it was nice to have them there. They did a good job of taking care of Dan, and got a little fun in on the side... :-) Thanks Nate and Heather for all your good care taking!!

Forbidden City - it looks like a cool place to visit! I told Dan to get working so he can do the stairs...!

Forbidden City - Nate

Forbidden City - Heather

Great Wall - Nate

Great Wall - Nate & Heather

Great Wall - Now we are talking some stairs here!!

Nate says the Great Wall was the best....!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
I have spent the day looking at your website and blog.Its great! Ruth and I agree that we have never seen you without a smile. Thanks for inspiring us we look forward to seeing you love
Dale Ruth Shawn Katie