Monday, October 8, 2007

China Day 17: A new day for Nate & Heather

Dan has had some challenges getting the internet up and running on his computer – but I did see him online earlier this morning – he has now gone to bed, so we didn't get to chat as I was heading out the door for work when I saw him online – and he wasn't responding then. I did call earlier and found out that they had been through a full day of rigorous therapy. Heather says the food is 'slim pickings' – I said 'no kidding!'.

They were able to go out an see Tiananmen Square with a group from the hospital. So after the day of therapy they got to do a little sight seeing, so that was good! I have asked Dan to send some pictures and we will get them posted soon.

Heather did say that Lily was the best and that she is indeed a 'slave driver'. This is a great thing to have her work on Dan – she really is a good therapist.

I am back in the USA, and feel refreshed for the moment. I had a good sleep in my bed with my pillow, although I did wake up a few times – I was just getting used to living on the other side of the world, and my body clock needs to adjust again! I will be 'sleeping over' with the Grandkids tonight and tomorrow – so we will see how refreshed I feel after that!

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