Thursday, October 11, 2007

China Day 20: October 11, 2007

Hi all – I chatted with Dan this morning and everything is still going well. He had therapy and IV's as usual today and was able to take a HOT shower tonight! Nate and Heather were able to get out and go see the Forbidden City today – they said it was nice, but there are a lot of stairs. I told Dan he better get practicing running up and down stairs so we could go when I get back to China!

The Zebec's are leaving tomorrow – they are the family from Australia whose son has a head injury from a rock climbing fall. Diana has been especially friendly and helpful to all of us newcomers.. so she will be missed. We wish them the best in Adrian's recovery! It was their second visit back as Adrian made such good progress the last time! :-) They had a farewell party for them at the hospital tonight for them.

I think Nate and Heather are going to the Great Wall tomorrow – so that should be fun for them. We look forward to seeing some pictures from their adventures...!


Anonymous said...

Dan & LaNae,
We saw the article in the Soda paper and are enjoying your web site. We wish you the best of luck, hope this helps you deserve it.
Kevin & Pam Allen

nic said...

Dan & LaNae,

I've followed your blog lately and am inspired by your determination. My brother-in-law is going through chemo right now for his stage IV melanoma so I have two blogs to follow and be inspired by. I hope things are going great there and it sounds like it is. I thought I would let you know I have an uncle in Beijing. His name is Cory Sellers in case you run into him. His whole family is there while he is working for the FBI. He is probably in the ward you would go to.

Take care and good luck.


Nic, Steff, Camryn & Brooklyn
(Lyle & Melanie Clark's son)

Glen R.Clark said...

Dan - It looks like while you're doing all of the work the family is doing all the tourist stuff! Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continually. The blog is fun to see what is going on.