Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Therapy reporting

OK, I might need some help on the logic here... when Dan was in China, he had the following therapy routine:

2 hrs Physical Therapy
1 hr Occupational Therapy
1 hr Speech Therapy
1 hr Traditional Chinese Medicine

That totals 5 hours per day of therapy. So each component would be worth 20 points and if you completed all therapies, it would then be 100 points or 100% effort.

Now that he is home, this is how we will do the scoring -- each hour of therapy is worth 20 points. Walking with the Up-n-Go and using the Quadriciser for one hour is also worth 20 points. This way I can see if we are giving 100% effort, or maybe even 120%... who knows. I will report a score to see how we are doing at helping Dan reach a full day of therapy. Also - if we don't do all three types of therapy - we will get dinged 20 points. We can't just focus on one type and not the others - we need to be holistic in our approach!

Today - this is what Dan did:
4 hrs Physical Therapy

Total points for the day from therapy = 120 (good job!!)
But-- we have to ding ourselves for not doing the OT, so now we are down 20 points to 100. 100% is good (but just think -- we could have had 140! ;-))

Looking forward to Friday - when Dan will begin the down hill slide.... he turns 50! Hoping you all are having a great day!

[Note: Dan just did an hour on the Quadriciser, so the total for today is 120% Great job... Dan!]

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan! you are awesome!