Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Maughans!!

At this Christmas time, the Maughan family are very grateful for all the events that have happened this year. We are grateful that Jeff found such a sweetheart in Kallie, and for their wedding in May. We are thankful for the chance to meet and spend time with family at our reunions this year. We are grateful for the opportunity to go to China and receive stem cell treatment for Dan, and we are especially thankful for the many people who donated to this cause. We have been given a second chance to make a difference for Dan, and we are so thankful for this opportunity. We are thankful for the many new friends and wonderful people that we met during our China adventure - it was truly an experience of a lifetime...

Dan is working hard at therapy, we do see some measured improvements (faster lip movement, better walking when in therapy), but we still struggle with incorporating these improvements into daily life patterns. Dan has 21 years of habits -- and it takes a lot of focus and concentration not to walk the way he has walked all these years, and not to talk the way he has talked all these years... so we continue to focus and work and pray that the Lord will bless Dan with the things that he can not do for himself. We pray that the stem cells will take root in the damaged areas and that we will see a difference from this treatment.... and we pray for all of our other friends that have had this treatment... that their loved ones may be healed and that life will improve for all of us. I love being a part of this community of 'pioneers' and look for great things to happen in all of our lives.

I would like to share with you a funny video clip that Jeff put together for our family -- I hope it will make you smile and that it will bring a little cheer into your hearts at this wonderful Christmas season.

Our wonderful children wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

May we all remember the true meaning of Christmas, and be grateful for the greatest Gift of all -- our Savior, Jesus Christ -- who gave His life for us, that we might be healed of all our infirmities (whether spiritual or physical) and come to feel the peace in our lives that only He can give. The Maughan's are truly grateful for this most Wonderful Gift! Merry Christmas to ALL!

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LaNae B. Maughan said...

Thanks so much, Mandy, for your kind comment. It prompted much of the reflections that I have today. It is 22 years from the date of Dan's accident, and the one thing we do know is that we are happy, even in the face of our trials. Thank you for commenting... it is people like you that give us hope and the drive to go on. Many thanks ... and God bless.