Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We are HOME!

Just wanted everyone to know we made it home safe and sound! The flight was long.... to say the least, but that is no problem. We caught our second wind after arriving home and were able to greet friends and family again. Dan's sister Dorothy and her family, and his cousin Leslie, both came to the airport to greet us! Of course Angie was there to pick us up and we were glad to be here!

Sharing some pictures of our day's journey....

Taking the IV out!! If you have ever had an IV straight for 8 plus weeks - you will know that this is a momentous occasion! Dan is free!!

Getting a little pre-flight nourishment on the plane! We are ready to rock...!

The airport welcome home committee! Wasn't that a fun surprise?!
Dan's sister and family (Angie (our daughter), Jordy, Jason, Dax, Dan, LaNae, Dorothy and Tony!)

Almost the same crew - but includes Leslie, Dan's cousin (had to take turns taking pictures!)

Welcome home to Mom and Dad! Thanks!! You sure made us feel special!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and LaNae,

We are so glad you are home, safe and sound!! We bet you are too. It has been so interesting to read your blogs, enjoy your pictures and see that remarkable smile on you, Dan.

We hope and pray that all your hard work and endurance will soon begin to pay off. You have a lot more hard work ahead of you, but I can tell that both of you are confident that Dan will improve. That is half the battle you know. Hang in there and please know that we think about you all the time. Mom asks me daily if I have heard anything new, so please keep us informed.

Arlene and Aunt Della