Wednesday, November 7, 2007

China Days 46-47: Back in the saddle again...

Well, Dan had a little hiccup on Tuesday as he did have a continuation of his temperature and this made him feel very weak. He did not attend any of his therapy sessions due to this. Today, he was back to (almost) normal. He did get tired after a couple of sessions, and took a 30-minute break, but then he was back at it again in physical therapy. Today he did a new therapy as they put him in a harness to support his weight so that he could work on his walking and focus on how he moves his legs and plants his feet. I took a nice snapshot of it which I have included below. He also had a great day in occupational therapy – he is getting the rings higher and higher on the peg tree – now his is up past the pegs and putting the rings on the top! Way to go Dan!

Tonight we went out to eat at one of the Nuskin leaders here in Beijing. John and his wife, Sonya fixed us a great Chinese meal with a wonderful variety of food. It was really good to have some good home cooking-- much, much better than the hospital food!

I am still working on researching the kind of therapy that we want to have when we get home. When I am at home and working, I don't take the time to look at all the options out there, and this has been a good opportunity for me to look at the latest and greatest in therapy options and centers. We are trying to figure out what type of program would best fit Dan's needs and our lifestyle. We want to make sure that we continue with what we have started here and not drop the ball when we get home. There are lots of things to consider, and we will keep you posted as we better formulate our plan....

... until then – thanks for your prayers and support!

Dan getting the 'extra special' treatment from the three Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors!

Check it out! Dan is on top of the ring tree!

The new 'weightless' walking therapy!

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Melanie said...

Hey Lanae and Dan!
I am so enjoying keeping up with your activities and accomplishments! Keep up the great work! When you talk about looking into the rehabilitation possibilities when you get back home, I am wondering if you have heard anything about Vital Stem Therapy. I think it is a relatively new (maybe in the last 5 years?) procedure that they are using on patients to help with swallowing, speech, etc. to stimulate the vocal chords and other areas of the throat. I am not very educated about it as I will now disclose...I believe it is an ultrasound treatment to the throat. We have some speech therapists that work for Lyle that have started using this procedure for patients that have had strokes, or other injuries or just because of their old age, and they are excited about the responses! Not sure that it applies in any way to Dan's case, but I thought that I would suggest looking into it along with the physical and occupational therapies that you are doing. Take good care of yourselves!
Love you, Melanie