Monday, November 19, 2007

China Days 58-60: The Last Hurrah!

What a busy time we have had the last few days! On Sunday we went to church and said our good-byes to our friends there – then over to our favorite home teachers home for one last scrumptious meal – and then back to the hospital to visit with our dear friends here. It was a full day --

Monday – the last big day at the hospital had lots to do with tying up loose ends... get the last therapy routines and instructions, give away all of our “See Dan shirts” to the wonderful staff here, take lots of pictures, go do just a little more shopping, come back – take down all of the pictures in the room :-( and then spend the evening with friends from the hospital and Nuskin. We went out to Dan's favorite spot here – Grandma's Kitchen – a quaint little American food restaurant. He of course had pancakes and omlette for dinner and I enjoyed a Philly steak and cheese.

Truly the thing we will miss the most are the dear, wonderful people that we have met here. There are so many good people and it is nice to be with others that are also striving for recovery. We are able to relate in a way that others can't because we have all experienced similar challenges in life. It is a place to pull together and bond and strengthen each other. We will miss the close associations and friendships that we have made here, but we know that we are all just an email away – we look forward to keeping in touch and following each others progress as time goes on.

I have included tomorrows blog today – the BIG DAY 60! We will be up in the morning, finish up packing and head off to the airport sometime between 9-10:00. Then it is that weird flight home that leaves at 1:40 pm but gets into San Francisco at 8:00 am the same day-- how does that work again?! It makes for a very short night/ day. Then off to Salt Lake City and we plan to arrive around 3:40 pm. Keep us in your prayers for a safe flight home – and we look forward to seeing you soon! :-)

(For some reason - I can't post pictures any more - I must have run out of space... I need to check into this when we get home - until then - visualize! ;-))


Anonymous said...

Hi LaNae and Dan, what an amazing adventure! Congratulations on finishing your 2 months stem cell treatment in China! Best of luck flying back and please do keep everyone posted on all the ambitious plans for Dan's continued therapy and progress.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels. Thanks for sharing your China trip with me. I have loved reading your blog. I continue to learn so much from both of you. I value my health and the incredible things our bodies can do that I too often take for granted. I have renewed gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Wendy