Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Valentines Friends!!!

It's been Way Too Long since our blog has been updated!  So much has transpired that it'll be difficult to add everything that's happened.  I just sent a postcard mailing out and tried to send to all who have sent us 'Christ'mas cards or who have touched our lives some way.

Happy Valentines from the Maughan's...

Here we all are! The two larger inset babes - Aubrey (Nathan & Heather's 4th) and Sophie (Jeff & Kallie's 3rd) are NEW and we'll have two MORE this year!!! (Heather & Johnny are expecting a baby boy and Jeff & Kallie don't know yet)

It's my (Dan's) fault this missed the Special 'Christ'mas season.  We hope all of you were able to be together with your families during the holidays! Because of limited PostCard space, we are posting the extended version of this message on our blog at www.HelpDanHeal.com.

As most of you know, LaNae & I are down in mostly Sunny San Diego while Nate & his family are living in our home in (snowy) Orem.  We have been here since June 2012 and will remain here thru June 2013 while LaNae works at www.Qualcomm.com.

We are grateful for our many blessings, for Life itself, for our wonderful children and family, our relationships with them and our friends.  We are especially grateful for the wonderful knowledge that we can be together forever.  We are so grateful for the life of our Savior, who without Him, this could not be possible. 
We wish you the best and hope that the 'Christ'mas Spirit of Peace, Hope, Happiness and Service to those in Need will be yours this year.

With Much Love From the Dan & LaNae Maughan Family
[Johnny, Heather & Grace / Nathan, HeatherJ, Riley, Brinley, Gentry & Aubrey / Dan, LaNae & Angie / Jeff, Kallie, Jackson, Lydia & Sophie]

Mission Bay on a 30+ mile roundtrip ride last Fall

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