Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Now Dan Can....

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures from the intensive therapy center that Dan is going to (Now I Can). At first we wondered how this type of therapy would work for Dan. The center caters to a lot of cerebral palsy children and I was not sure that this type of therapy would work for him, but after going for a few times, we are very happy with the staff there and feel that they are pushing him very hard.

Here he is working in the 'spider cage' where they bungee cord him to the cage for stability and then have him practice getting up and down from a kneeling position.

Dan in "the cage" working on more therapy moves..

These are my favorite shots! Doesn't he look cute?! This is the Neurosuit that keeps his body in alignment and offers resistance to his therapy. Basically it makes it harder to do everything with the suit on, so when it is off, the movement comes easier.

I think he looks like Robin Hood -- he just needs a hat...!

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Mel said...

Way to go Dan!

Thanks for cheering on Crew at "Now I Can". We are cheering for you too:) Wishing you the best of luck.

Crew's Mom