Wednesday, September 26, 2007

China Day 5 : Settling into the Regime/Doctor's Visit 09/26/07

Here we are, another day down in China... we are starting to get into a regime with our therapy schedules. We start in the morning about 9:15 a.m. with acupuncture, then occupational therapy at 10:00, followed by a Chinese massage at 11:00 a.m. Then a bit of a break as we don't have physical therapy until 3:00 p.m. During that time we return to our room, have lunch and allow Dan some time with the IV drip. Getting through all the IV's takes a few hours, so we need a block of time that we are not interrupted. I have detailed out some of the therapy and medicine Dan is taking for those interested:

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Wisdom Guan, William Hou

Acupuncture once a day.
Breathe in the good, breathe out the bad.
Use the mind to visual a healthy, strong (fast) body.
Chinese massage.

Occupational Therapy – Lily Li

Control your head!
Hands clasped – move up above head with elbows extended. Keep head straight, look in the mirror.
Arm lateral – forward position. Move hand up and down.
Hand flat on mat, lean on hand.
Lay down flat
Move arm straight up and down (exercises shoulder)
Arms up & down with resistance
Snow angels (arms) with resistance
Move head side to side with resistance.

Physical Therapy – Nancy

Stretching / resistance with legs
up -down
side – to – side
Stand on one leg
Lift leg outwards
Front to back movement
Balance bars
Weight shifting when walking practice
Leg lifts (Cybex like chair with out the forced motion)
Standing table

Medicine List

IV: once a day
-deproteinised calf blood serum injection (engery supply)
-ginko leaf extract and dipyridamole
-paverine (5-7 days) (change micro environment of brain)
-reduced Glutathione for injection (reduce oxygen free radicals)

IM: once a day
-nerve growth factor
-flunarizine (1 tab) 5 mg. every night
-Vitamin B12 500 mg (1 cap) three times a day
-Viatmin B1 10 mg (1 cap) three times a day
-Idebenone (1 cap) three times a day
-cerebroprotein hydrolysale (2 tab) three times a day (trophic the nerve)

We also met with a Director (neurologist) today and were able to get some questions answered. Basically, the procedure is not much different than what we previously understood, but it was a good opportunity to talk and make sure we had all of our questions cleared up. My understanding of Dan's injury seemed to be higher in the brain stem than what I originally thought. However, as we discussed our understanding of Dan's injury primarily being a 'connection' problem between the brain and the spinal cord, we were right on target. We have the MRI images taken early this summer and we will be able to review them in detail once we get them over here. I have wanted to review this with a medical doctor but have not been able to get an audience in the US to discuss the details of Dan's injury from a tangible perspective such as an MRI. I would just like to see it on film and have someone discuss it with me, so it looks like we will be able to have this discussion in the upcoming months. For those of you who wonder why I have never seen / discussed an MRI on Dan's injury is due to the fact that the technology was not developed when Dan was injured in 1986. Most of what I know is from conversations with doctors, and then I am left to put the puzzle pieces together in my mind and figure out what I was just told. Hopefully this will bring a greater understanding for us of what we have been up against.

GOOD NEWS! The doctor did say that we should expect improved motor and balance abilities, in addition to improved movement in the facial area (lips, mouth). This should improve his speech...!! So the prognosis at this point looks good.

Dan's bone marrow operation is TOMORROW! So – off to bed without an more to eat until morning! He needs to be fasting in order for them to take the blood tests in the morning prior to the surgery.

We are meeting lots of really nice people over here... from Australia, Mexico, Canada and the USA. Many, many people who travel a long way from home in order to help the ones they love. Everything from cerebral palsy to stroke to spinal cord injury patients are treated here. We are enjoying getting to know them, and so admire their determination and spirit. We are kind of 'all in this together'!

Last and most important – make sure you say an extra prayer for Dan tonight that his bone marrow operation will be successful!

Thanks bunches!!
Dan & LaNae

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Anonymous said...

Hi kids. It's wonderful to read of the things they're doing over there for Dan. We know there's going to be improvement, as hard as you've both worked to make this happen. We are so grateful you're there and that the people and Drs there are so great. Nice too for you to be able to talk with the Drs. and get a better understanding of all they're doing. This technology is wonderful. Imagine being in China and able to talk back and forth with family and friends here in a matter of minutes to kind of keep up on things.
Glenn, Laurie and Derris left here yesterday to return home after a great week here with Melanie, Lyle and Sean. They always take such good care of us and show us around places that are so fun to see. Laurie and Derris really enjoyed seeing beautiful Ohio. I'm staying for an extra week to be with Sean while Melanie and Lyle go to Egypt with a group from his work. Not sure if you knew they were doing this. They leave in the a.m. and they're surely excited. We're praying for you both. So good to be able to keep updated on all that is going on there. Love you both so much. Jill