Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 3: China Adventure

Here we are at Day 3 - the China adventure! Dan was able to see several different doctors today and Dan started his oral and IV medications. First they started the IV proliferation cocktail - a combination of several different drugs that are supposed to promote his body to generate its own stem cell production. I will get a list of all the medicine included in the cocktail tomorrow. Then the physical and occupational therapists came. They are starting Dan on a therapy program in the morning - starting at 9:30 a.m. Next the traditional Chinese medicine doctors came -- they spent quite a bit of time evaluating Dan and asked lots of questions about his abilities and issues. We will all meet on Wednesday with the team of Neurologists to complete the final treatment plan for Dan. I have been told that the bone marrow operation will most likely be on Thursday - so that we can get the stem cells over to the lab prior to a 'Chinese New Year' holiday next week. We want to get things going before all the partying starts!

I was also privledged to go to Wal-mart today. I bought lots of necessities like bread (for our peanut butter / honey sandwiches) and some fruit. I bought some kind of fruit that is Chinese and I don't have a clue what it is... but the lady with me said it was good, so we are being a little adventuresome! I also got some bananas, hangers, liquid soap and a hair dryer that works on 240 volts (I am really sure that you wanted to know all of that!)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of therapy-- we are looking forward to that!

We are also greatly saddened to hear of a neighbor and friend that lost her husband today in a house fire that collapsed on him while he slept. Sometimes life just does not seem fair, but I know that through all of the pain there is a glimmer of hope as we are consoled from Above. I am grateful for the times that I have grown through my pain and become stronger through my trials. I pray now for this dear sweet friend that she may be comforted and lifted in her time of need. Please say a prayer for our friend, Catia.


Ruth Ann said...

Dan and LaNae,

This blog thing is really cool. It is great to get the daily updates on what you are doing. We are continuing to pray that all goes well!


Ruth Ann

LaNae B. Maughan said...

Thanks Ruth Ann -- we appreciate all of your great support!